Setting An Intention


The Purpose of Setting An Intention

The purpose of setting an intention is to create a flow of positive energy that you can actually feel when you walk into the room.

Before our first official session, we'll develop a plan that's based on your specific needs for care. We’ll discuss various massage and bodywork techniques that will help ease your pain, discomfort, and stress. Each session will then be customized to ensure that your goal, whether relaxing, healing, or both, is consistently met and maintained.

Why did I choose to become a massage therapist?

Because I strongly believe in the ability and necessity of the physical body to heal so that the mind and spirit can thrive. My hands are powerful tools to assist in that process.

I will always strive to connect with you. Every time you step into my massage space, you'll know that you've entered an environment that was manifested just for you.

At Hope in Hands, your healing can truly begin.